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Acolytes. Anyone over age 7 can assist at the altar as an acolyte and plays a very important role in our services. 

Altar Guild. Members of the Altar Guild are appointed by the priest and care for the vessels and vestments of the altar, and assist the clergy in preparation for Sunday and weekday services, weddings, funerals, and baptisms. 

Buildings and Grounds. Care of our building and grounds requires a lot of work. The many opportunities for cleaning, mowing, maintenance and repair of our property are coordinated by the Junior Warden. 

Chalice Bearers. Chalice Bearers are appointed by the priest and assist in the distribution of the Holy Communion. 

Child-Care Ministry. Adults and teenagers are needed during each Sunday liturgy to oversee the operation of the nursery. 

Evangelism Commission.  Since we, the parish of St. Thomas, understand that we exist not for ourselves, but for those around us who do not have a faith community. We strive to invite, greet, and welcome others with hospitality for all. We are thankful for newcomers and eager to invite them to join us in worship and ministry. 

Lay Eucharistic Minister. Licensed and trained by the Bishop, the LEM assists the priest in taking the Sacrament to the sick and shut-in and those who are unable to be present at the Sunday Eucharist. 

Lectors. Lectors proclaim God's Word in worship by reading assigned lessons from the Holy Scripture for celebrations of the Holy Eucharist and for other services. 

Music Commission. Our volunteer choir sings at the Eucharist on Sunday and at some Holy Day Eucharist. Rehearsals are on Thursday nights at 7:00pm. 

Pastoral Care. The Pastoral Care committee meets monthly to identify needs and concerns within the St. Thomas community, and to coordinate efforts to provide appropriate responses. Providing meals to families or members recuperating from illness or surgery; visiting, reading to, or writing letters for shut-ins; sending cards and notes; running errands; offering transportation -- all are specific ways in which immediate needs can be met by those who wish to serve. 

Prayer Group. Individuals in the prayer group pray daily for the needs and concerns of the congregation.

Ushers. Ushers greet worshippers as they arrive, hand them service leaflets, help them find seats, count the congregation, collect the offerings, select oblationers to bring up the bread and wine, and help people to the rail for communion. 

Stewardship Commission.  Our Stewardship mission is to educate ourselves to recognize the many  blessings in our lives, and to respond in thankfulness by sharing our time, talent  and treasure to worship our Lord and serving Christ in others in this community and beyond. 

Vestry. This is the governing and policy-making body of the parish which creates and administers the budget, oversees buildings and grounds and raises the money to carry out our parish ministry. 

Worship Commission. The Worship Commission is appointed by the priest and assists with the planning of worship services throughout the church year in conjunction with the clergy and music commission.

Last updated: March 31, 2004  
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